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About WVPR

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WVPR.org is a press release distribution service and media resource hub for news about businesses and organizations in the West Virginia area and surrounding communities, including Kentucky, Ohio, and Maryland. WVPR.org works with several groups in Cabell, Wayne, Putnam, and Kanawha counties in West Virginia; Boyd, Greenup, Carter, and Lawrence counties in Kentucky; Lawrence and Scioto counties in Ohio, and Washington County, Maryland. This site helps businesses and organizations regardless of size or geographic location spread the news as well as increase their online visibility and web presence. Press releases and news on this site is available to visitors of the site as well as search engines and other sources and will remain on WVPR.org indefinitely.

WVPR.org assists a wide range of businesses and organizations, from banks to educational institutions and industrial companies to medical facilities and maintains contacts with local and regional media sources as well as specialty media outlets. These relationships help news and press releases distributed from WVPR.org receive attention from local, regional, and specialized journalists and media organizations. Content from WVPR.org also appears on Twitter at @wv__pr.

News and press releases are generally provided to WVPR.org for distribution and must meet content guidelines for inclusion on the site. WVPR.org retains the right to accept or reject content that does not comply with our standards. For example, WVPR.org does not accept content that contains libelous, racist, or hate communications. Many of the news and press releases on WVPR.org promote new initiatives, products, programs, and employees and general news from businesses and organizations in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Maryland.  For a fee, WVPR.org can write engaging press releases and distribute them to local and regional media and other specialized media. Email us for more information about this service and other marketing and communications needs.